1. First time at the shooting range, how to start?

To learn shooting you must first of all visit us personally. Our instructors will familiarize you with the safety and weapon handling rules. Instructors will accompany you throughout the training, giving advices and guidance.

2. What to take with you?

The only required item is an identity document (ID card, driving license or passport).

3. Do I need special permissions to shoot?

To shoot under the supervision of the instructor at the shooting range you don’t need to have any licences or special permissions. Our instructors have all the necessary qualifications to perform shooting.

4. How to dress?

Due to the safety and comfort we recommend dressing comfortable footwear with a flat sole and clothing that doesn’t interfere with movements, if possible adjacent to the body, adequate to the temperature prevailing outside.

5. Is the adulthood required?

No, but in the case of minors a written consent of the legal guardian is required. If you are over 16 years old you can order shooting with the consent of the guardian and if you are younger the order must be submitted by your guardian who is obliged to accompany you at the shooting range.

6. What weapons can I shoot from?

The available weapons can be found in the weapons tab.

7. Can you extend the package with additional shots?

Of course, when you run out of ammunition you can buy additional shots according to the offer.

8. Does a prior reservation need to be made?

Yes, a reservation is required but there are many ways to do it, you can do it by phone, email or by placing an order using the form available here.

9. Can I pay by a payment card?

At the moment, we do not have a payment terminal but we plan to make the card payment available soon but you can pay by Visa or MasterCard payment card when ordering online. With all currently available forms of payment you can read in the payments tab.