Below you will learn about the weapons available at the shooting range in Krakow and Jaworzno

At the shooting range, you can shoot with many types of sport and combat firearms

Rimfire handgun GSG Firefly

Best suited for recreational shooting, small recoil, therefore weapons also liked by the youngest, weak caliber .22lr, magazine capacity: 10 rounds

Combat handgun Glock 17

9mm Parabellum caliber, one of the most recognizable central fire pistols, magazine capacity: 17 rounds

Combat handgun CZ P-10C

9mm Parabellum caliber, modern design, first CZ handgun without hammer, compact design containing double-sided manipulators, magazine capacity: 15 rounds

Revolver Weihrauch HW357 “Hunter”

The most popular central fire revolver in Europe with the powerful 357 Magnum caliber! It is also possible to use .38 Special ammunition, drum capacity: 6 rounds

Revolver  Alfa Steel

Well made Czech 357 Magnum (38 Special) revolver, it is very pleasant to shoot with it, finish – stainless steel, drum capacity: 6 rounds

Pistol CZ Scorpion EVO3 S-1

Semi-automatic version of the submachine gun, 9mm Parabellum caliber, equipped with a laser target pointer, standard magazine capacity: 20 rounds

Assault rifle AKM “AK-47”

Legendary rifle powered by stron 7.62×39 ammo. Solid and reliable Russian construction. A classic that I don’t regret shooting! Magazine capacity: 30 rounds

Assault rifle Mossberg MMR

Weapon powered by the popular cartrige .223 Remington, equipped with a red dot sight, typical AR-15 design, gas system, magazine capacity: 30 rounds


Shotgun Hatsan Escort AimGuard gen. 2

Repeated pump-action shotgun in a 12 gauge caliber, a truly universal weapon. This model is currently used by the Polish Police, magazine capacity: 7 rounds

Shotgun Mossberg Maverick 88

Typical police pump-action shotgun, impossible to reach workhorse, caliber 12/76, magazine capacity: 7 rounds